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  • Mavis Gloria Lee

Unlocking Growth with Cost-Effective Marketing


Marketing on a budget poses a challenge for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This article delves into the intricacies of budget allocation and introduces the concept of unlocking growth through cost-effective marketing, notably by leveraging outsourced marketing teams like HT Marketing Agency.

The Marketing Budget

Strategic budget allocation is pivotal for SMEs aiming to optimise their marketing efforts. SMEs of varying sizes will possess different budgets and adopt diverse approaches to building a marketing team.

For SMEs with 1-10 employees, a typical scenario involves one person handling all marketing work. They might also consider hiring the occasional interns or freelance marketers for support, with costs ranging between $1000 to $2000 per month.

However, interns lack skills and experience, and their departure after 1-3 months leads to knowledge transfer expiration. Similarly, freelancers may lack diverse skill sets and assured quality. An alternative is to hire HT Marketing Agency, offering a highly skilled outsourced marketing team at a fixed cost of only $800 per month. The team comprises specialists of at least 5 years experience, including an Account Manager, a Social Media Manager, a Digital Marketer, a Copywriter, a Graphic Designer, and a Web Ceveloper.

SMEs with 11-50 employees often maintain a small marketing team, occasionally engaging marketing agencies for specific campaigns or design tasks. Hiring an agency may cost between $2000 to $5000 in retainer fees, with some adding a performance commission.

Many SMEs are skeptical about hiring a marketing agency because of the high retainer fees and unpredictable performance commission that eats into their profits. An alternative to this is to hire HT Marketing Agency that provides a highly skilled outsourced marketing team at a fixed cost of only $800 per month. You get the same quality of work and expertise at a fraction of the price. HT Marketing Agency also does not charge any performance commission so you get to keep the full profits to yourself.

SMEs with 51-200 employees typically have a CMO and a full marketing team but occasionally hire creative agencies for fresh perspectives. They also hire interns for minor tasks. The cost of hiring a creative agency varies from $5000 to more than $20000, depending on the scope of work.

Creative agencies demand high upfront costs and provide one-time support. HT Marketing Agency offers an alternative with a highly skilled outsourced marketing team at a fixed cost of only $800 per month. Our team is led by Guest Lecturers at the top university in Asia, a TEDx Speaker, and a former Head Marketing at a $100M global firm. Engaging us allows clients to benefit from our creative leadership over the long term.

Low Fee Low Risk

In today's volatile business landscape, a low fixed monthly fee serves as a beacon of stability for SMEs navigating budget constraints. This predictable cost structure not only facilitates meticulous financial planning but also serves as a strategic advantage in uncertain times.

At HT Marketing Agency, our commitment to transparency extends beyond cost predictability. With "no minimum engagement period" and a "cancel anytime with no questions asked" policy, we offer more than affordability; we provide a risk-free solution for businesses seeking flexibility and adaptability in their marketing endeavors.

By opting for our services, SMEs can confidently unlock growth without the burden of long-term commitments. Whether scaling up or recalibrating strategies, our low fee, low-risk approach empowers businesses to steer their marketing efforts with financial certainty and operational ease.

Transformative Success Stories

Our clients have experienced the transformative impact of our outsourced marketing team.

Before Moon Rooftop Bar engaged HT Marketing Agency, they managed marketing in-house and relied on freelancers for design work. Inconsistency and difficulty managing multiple freelancers prompted them to turn to HT Marketing Agency.

Their Managing Director provided a very positive testimonial, "This is absolutely necessary for SMEs like us. They are professional, fast, precise, and consistent in quality, not to mention that they are definitely valuable for our investments."

Impact can only be measured with regular reporting. That is why HT Marketing Agency provides all our clients with monthly social media and SEO reporting. The concrete metrics and data help us improve and serve as benchmarks of success.


For SMEs grappling with the challenges of marketing on a limited budget, the concept of unlocking growth through cost-effective strategies becomes increasingly relevant. HT Marketing is on a mission to promote outsourced marketing teams as a strategic investment, providing a reliable and results-driven path to long-term success. 

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