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For Corporates: About Us

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Why's that? It's because we are a full-stack digital marketing agency that offers Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Website Design to boost your Brand Presence and Maximise ROI.

Who would you hire for US$800?


Inexperienced Intern

1 intern with minimal skillsets and little experience. Leaves after 1-3 months.


Experienced Team

1 Account Manager
1 Digital Marketer
1 Social Media Manager
1 Video Editor
1 Graphic Designer
1 Copywriter
Always here for you!

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

We're a boutique digital marketing company & agency in Singapore offering digital services that make a real difference in the digital landscape.

At the core of our approach lies a commitment to understanding your unique business needs. Our team of specialists leverages the latest trends and technologies to craft bespoke strategies that resonate with your audience.

Here's why we stand out:

Strategic Insights: Our experts delve deep into market trends, providing you with strategic insights that inform every aspect of your digital campaign.

Targeted Campaigns: Tailoring our approach to your audience ensures that every campaign is precisely targeted, optimizing your reach and engagement.

Innovative Solutions: We don't just follow trends, we set them. Our innovative solutions push boundaries, keeping your brand ahead in the competitive landscape.

How Does Outsourced Marketing Work?

If you do not have a marketing team, you can see us as your very own marketing department. If you already have a marketing team, you can see us as an extension of your marketing department.

We Are Here For You

All marketing tasks and communication are managed through WhatsApp & Trello. We know that you value convenience and we respond immediately during working hours.

digital marketing agency sg

We offer unlimited requests & revisions.

6 Marketing Specialists
Supporting All Your Needs

digital marketing agency sg
social media marketing

1 X Digital Marketer

Helps you to grow organically via SEO.

Helps you to generate leads by running ads and paid campaigns.

1 X Social Media Manager

Helps you to manage your social media calendar.

Helps you to conceptualise and create posts.

graphic design services
copywriting services

1 X Graphic Designer

Creates graphics using PSD, AI, Canva etc.
Creates presentation decks, brochures, banners, flyers, logos, posters, menu designs, merchandise designs and more.

1 X Copywriter

Writes short-form content like slogans and captions.
Writes long-form content like newsletters, blog articles, press releases and more.

video editing services
digital marketing management

1 X Video Editor

Edits short videos (<3min) for TikTok, YouTube etc.
Edits short audios (<3min) for your podcasts etc.

1 X Account Manager

Conducts market research and competitor analysis.
Ensures all deliverables and expectations are met.

We Work Really Fast

Turnaround time may vary depending on complexity of the task.

Marketing Campaigns

Conceptualisation | 1-3 working days
Design and execution  | 3-5 working days

Social Media Management

Content creation | 1-2 working days
Scheduling and posting | 1-2 working days

Graphic Design 

Graphics using Canva | 1-2 working days
Graphics using PSD & AI | 1-3 working days
20-slide deck using PPT | 1-3 working days


Up to 100 words | 1-2 working days
Up to 500 Words | 1-3 working days
Up to 1500 Words | 1-3 working days

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Past Projects

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"This is absolutely necessary for SMEs like us. They are professional, fast, precise and consistent in quality, not to mention that they are definitely value for our investments."

MD of Moon Rooftop Bar & Lounge

We help our clients to
drive results

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We Offer Good Quality

Many marketing agencies outsource client projects to junior staff and deliver subpar work to keep their costs low and margins high. Their staff are usually lowly paid and overworked so they have little incentive to perform.


At HT Marketing Agency, we want the best for our clients. Our staff have an average 5 years of design or marketing experience. We pay our staff fairly and limit the number of projects they take on to prevent burn out. Every project is also vetted by an expert manager to ensure that we deliver quality work to you.

At a Good Price

US$800 is an extremely reasonable price to pay for an experienced team of 6 marketing specialists. We also provide unlimited requests and revisions.

1 X Account Manager

1 X Digital Marketer
1 X Social Media Manager

1 X Video Editor
1 X Graphic Designer
1 X Copywriter

Untitled design (55).png


Our team is led by industry experts and marketing professionals. We have amongst us former Heads of Marketing, Guest Lecturers at top universities like NUS Business School, a TEDx Speaker and Google-certified marketing practitioners.


Cancel anytime with no risks and no questions asked.

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