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For Corporates: About Us

Who would you hire for US$800?

Option A: 1 intern with minimal skillsets and little experience. Leaves after 1-3 months.

Option B: 1 dedicated team of 4 specialists including a digital marketer, social media manager, graphic designer and copywriter. Always here for you.

We Are Always There

All marketing tasks and communication are managed through WhatsApp & Trello.
We know that you value convenience.

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4 Marketing Specialists
Supporting All Your Needs

We offer unlimited requests & revisions.

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1 X Digital Marketer

Helps you to brainstorm and manage your digital marketing campaigns.
Helps you to run email, social media, SEO, SEM, and display advertising.

1 X Social Media Manager

Helps you to create social media posts.
Helps you to schedule and post on social media.

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1 X Graphic Designer

Helps you to create digital graphics using PSD, AI, Canva and PPT.
Helps you to create presentation decks, brochures, banners, flyers, logos, posters, menu designs, merchandise designs and more.

1 X Copywriter

Helps you to create brand taglines and slogans.
Helps you to create captions, descriptions, blog articles, press releases and more.

P.S. We are not performance marketers, we are marketing operation specialists. We are not here to replace your CMO or marketing strategist, we are here to be your capable and permanent marketing intern. :)

We Work Really Fast

Turnaround time may vary depending on complexity of the task

Marketing Campaigns

Plan for marketing campaign | 3-5 working days
Execute marketing campaign  | 3-5 working days

Social Media Management

Social media content creation | 1-2 working days
Social media posting | 1-2 working days

Graphic Design 

Graphics using Canva | 1-2 working days
Graphics using PSD or AI | 2-3 working days
20-slide deck using PPT | 2-3 working days


Up to 100 words | 1-2 working days
Up to 500 Words | 2-3 working days
Up to 1500 Words | 3-5 working days

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Past Projects

We offer Good Quality

Many marketing agencies outsource client projects to junior staff and deliver subpar work to keep their costs low and margins high. Their staff are usually lowly paid and overworked so they have little incentive to perform.

At HT Marketing Agency, we want the best for our clients. That is why all our staff have at least 3 years of design or marketing experience. We pay our staff fairly and limit the number of projects they take on to prevent burn out. Every project is also vetted by an expert manager to ensure that we deliver quality work to you.

At a Good Price

US$800 is an extremely reasonable price to pay for an experienced team of 4 marketing specialists. Furthermore, we also provide unlimited requests and revisions.

1 X Digital Marketer
1 X Social Media Manager
1 X Graphic Designer
1 X Copywriter

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Our team is led by industry experts and marketing professionals. We have amongst us guest lecturers at top universities like NUS Business School, a TEDx Speaker and Google-certified marketing practitioners.


Free trial starts after first request. Cancel anytime. Absolutely no contracts.

Upon submission, you will receive an email that provides all the information you need to start the trial.

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